FridoI live with my family at a clearing near a small lake in the Grunewald Forest. We are pretty much normal weasels – I mean, we do what weasels do – we run around a lot and are speedy.

During my countless ramblings around the Grunewald Forest, I often observed you two-legged folk, running behind you without being noticed. Once in a while, loud cheering and screaming enticed me outside of the forest. I watched once from a tree as hoards of anthropoids lined up along the road, making as much noise as possible. Then I noticed even more two-legged figures moving at a super fast pace – they must have been running as fast as I can. Quite curious, I ran after them and ended up – as I later found out – in Tiergarten. The noise made by the people along the sides was almost deafening. The pace of the two-legged runners got even faster, and I could just barely keep up.

When I passed through the arches with the words “Finish” written on them, a kind of two-legged tribute was already in full swing. Yet the motivating cheers of the spectators didn’t stop. I joined in enthusiastically, and I enjoyed all of the excitement so much I stayed to cheer on the very last runner. I thought it was pretty cool that every runner had his or her own name, which is not the case with weasels. People from all over the world ran by, from places I had never heard of before.

I stayed there until the evening, and when all the runners were through, I got up my courage and asked someone from SCC EVENTS if I could help out somehow, too. And after meeting up with them a few times, well, I was able to get started early September 2013. My first big appearance has been the 40th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. It was so pretty exciting, that I am looking forward to all the coming events, where I hopefully getting to meet all of you in person soon.


ProfileFridolin Flink

Name: Fridolin Flink
Nickname: Frido
Date of Birth: May 22, 2012
Residence: Olympic Park Berlin
Height: 2.25m
Hair colour: light brown
Eye colour: blue
Shoe size: 65 – I have big shoes to fill, but also have both feet firmly on the ground
Figure: Athletic, with a little bit of a belly
Job/Position: Mascot for SCC EVENTS, animator
Languages: Weaslish, which most of you cannot understand, which is why I mostly communicate in writing
Favourite foods: Bananas, biscuits
Favourite drink: Apple spritzer, alcohol-free beer
Special talents: I care about the environment, am speedy (my last name means that in German) and I am always very motivated
Strengths: I like meeting people and open
Weaknesses: Some people say I push the limits sometimes and that I am very curious, but I don't think so; I love vanilla ice cream
I really like: meeting friends, cool sunglasses, lots of photos, being in the spotlight, playing with kids and adults, technical sports clothing, being silly and getting lots of sleepn
I really do NOT like: Being bored or lonely, people who boast and brag
Hobbies: Running, skating, swimming, cycling, trying out new sports, platform diving at the Olympic Pool in Berlin
Contacts/friends: I have lots of friends from all around the world, but I always enjoy making new friends, too – on Facebook, for instance. I am good friends with everyone at SCC, with Berlino, Bulli and many others.
Motto: Everything is better when you are having fun!