Sponsoring Philosophy

Sponsoring Principles

Our sponsoring principles offer all existing and future partners a clear framework for a successfull partnership with SCC EVENTS:

  • Objective
    The focus of our partnerships lies on your individual goals. Our aim is to support you in achieving your goals.
  • Cooperation
    To us sponsoring is more than just a commercialisation opportunity. It is the fundament for a long-term partnership that offers a win-win-situation for all parties.
  • Values and brand fit
    We embody running and endurance sports in Berlin and Germany.
    We identify with values such as competence, endurance and responisbilities. These values are held high in our everyday work starting from the organisation to the realisation of our events. That is why we are looking for partners who do not only share our passion but also our values.

Sponsoring Structure

Our clear sponsoring structure allows all partners to have a variety of possibilites to effectively showcase their brand at our events. All sponsoring packages will be taylored to your goals and needs.


Services and Implementation

To us, sponsoring is a key element of an integrated marketing approach. Following this principle, we have a diverse portfolio which allows us to provide more than a simple communications platform to our partners.

You can find an extract of our possibilities here.